The March Towards War

With U.S. intelligence reports likely assisting in both the sinking of the Russian ship the Moskva, and also leading to the deaths of Russian Generals’, along with the transfer of increasingly sophisticated weaponry to the Ukrainian armed forces, all while the Republicans question Biden’s toughness in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, at what point do the Russians declare they are in fact at war with the U.S.?

When the US-NATO and Russia openly declare they are in fact at war with each other, this will enhance the spread of war to greater frontiers which will include adjacent national borders. From there, who knows what the future holds? There are already reports of Ukrainian attacks inside the Russian border.

If it were true that this war was about democracy and freedom, one might muster a thimble of understanding as to why the U.S. and NATO steadily march to outright war with the Russian state. The public mind has been shaped by the ruling forces, e.g. media, political speak . . . , and in the minds of some, there is a belief that we fight for these values–it is the reason the U.S. generally offers as the basis for yet another war. As an outsider, one can only speculate on the reasons for U.S.’ wars. What follows is an offering of some of those speculations.

It seems as though the West has decided the time is ripe to dismantle the Russian Federation. This is evident in the West’s refusal to negotiate an acceptable solution to the crisis, short of which the Russian Federation may not survive. Depending on one’s level of cynicism, one could speculate that the Russians got played–sucked into war which would provide the West the opportunity to destroy the Russian state. Whether the latter is true or not, the moment seems to have arrived in which the disintegration of Russia is possible.

Why would the West desire this? There could be several reasons which include a desire to eliminate the pesky Russian state which interferes with U.S. objectives in Syria, Libya, Venezuela, and which generally acts as a counter force to U.S.’ foreign policy objectives elsewhere around the globe.

A darker consideration is a Russian break-up would enable western access to the vast natural resources within Russian territory. Although the Russian Federation consists of over 80 percent of ethnic Russians, the federation also contains roughly 190 ethnicities which speak over 100 languages and which are often subdivided into governing units which includes 21 national republics. Russia’s diverse ethnic composition leaves Russia vulnerable to a break-up into several smaller nations. The Russian republic of Chechnya’s effort to secede from Russia during the 1990’s and 2000’s wars are examples of such a logic. A break-up of the Russian Federation into smaller states would assuredly invite western investment into the newly formed nations seeking to develop their own national economies. This would present western capital with immense profit opportunities.

Also, a weakened and broken Russian state would facilitate the U.S. challenge against its real global competitor: China.

Motivations abound.

For the U.S., war is the natural tool for use in the fulfillment of the above possible motivations. U.S. culture is a violent culture. We entertain ourselves through violent games, movies, and TV series. The militarization of the U.S.’ consciousness is reflected in our military budget of roughly $780 billion which far exceeds the next largest military budget of China at $230 billion, while that of Russia’s is a mere $70 billion. We personally celebrate gun ownership. Our cultural disposition towards violence makes violence the natural tool in the obtainment of our objectives. It’s as though we are unable to imagine other methods in which to engage other peoples.

The thing is, a lot of us “regular folks” are not willing to trade human life for the potential of greater profits, natural resource extraction, and as would follow–greater consumption. We certainly do not want to risk nuclear war for such shallow ambitions, and many of us do not support violence as a tool to achieve our objectives. Yet those who do believe in such things are running the show, and it is this level of aggressiveness which probably explains why they are running the show.

But this has got to change and it’s got to change very soon. If the peacemakers of the world do not soon assert their moral authority, we are condemned to a very dark future. The problem, as already stated, is that those with perhaps darker intentions have convinced the “peacemakers” that we fight for the higher ideals of democracy and freedom. Which, of course, adds greater perplexity to the whole matter, as war itself, is the least democratic tool of all.

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