Anti-War, But Why?

The disturbing thing about the current anti-war effort, to the extent it exists, is most of it seems motivated by the cost to the Federal budget.

It is shocking that the outcry to the war in Ukraine is not due to the stark immorality of war, or due to the hundreds of thousands Ukrainian and Russian soldiers, who, along with civilians,  have been sacrificed on the altar of nationalism, competing market forms, and pure irrationality: irrational when one considers that people willingly sacrifice  family members: children, spouses, siblings . . . in order to serve one master, rather than the other,  under a different yet still colorful flag. 

Has materialism so overwhelmed our consciousness that the consequence of war is considered  in mere monetary terms rather than in human life? The U.S. should withhold funds for the war, but as leverage, in order to force both a negotiated end to the slaughter in Ukraine, and also to prevent an escalation to nuclear war. The budget should be of much lesser concern.

The concern over dollars relative to the cost of human lives, I fear, expresses a market value driven state of consciousness which elevates the material over the humane.