This Website, originally constructed in 2003 and recently reconstructed into a blog format, is inspired by Detroit’s several decades long economic decline. As a resident of the City of Detroit for most of this period, I, along with others, watched in horror decades of disinvestment and the consequent destruction of a multitude of lives in the Detroit Metro urban core.

To document this demise, the site’s original emphasis consisted of black & white photography taken mostly with a stealthy pocket camera and during the earlier years with less stealthy 35 millimeter cameras. Film development and prints from the earlier  35 millimeter days were processed in a makeshift dark room,  with a hand built enlarger which looked like an erector set, and utilized a lens taken from a no-name 35 millimeter camera–purchased for $25 at a local thrift store. All of that is to say that I’m not much of an equipment geek and solely wished to capture the powerful images of Detroit at the height of its aesthetic decline–and to do so as cheaply as possible.

Aware that a camera might justifiably offend those within the communities in which I photographed,  the act of taking  the photograph was  fast and stealthy and accordingly there is no claim here as to the artistic merit of the images presented within this site. The present crop of images is a small sample of at least a few  thousand, perhaps several thousand, images taken over a near 20 year period beginning around the year 2000. Despite the potential for offense among those who reside and work within the photographed communities, as a Detroit resident, I believe it is important for a broader audience to see the devastation visited upon Detroit through decades of capital disinvestment. Further discussion on this issue is provided on the Page entitled: “Why this Website”

During 2020 the site was turned into a blog format. The blog format provides an easy to publish platform upon which to express views developed over a lifetime of thought, and  built upon a foundation of studies in finance, economics, and law from Detroit’s Wayne State University. Topics range into several areas beyond Detroit’s demise.

Recently, due to the war in Ukraine, I’ve added a page which provides academic and think tank papers which provide context to the Russian–U.S.-NATO-Ukrainian war. This is necessary as western corporate media reporting on the war has been biased, reckless, and mis-informed.

I definitely appreciate your visit to this site and hope you will look around.

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