The photography on this Page was taken over the course of the past 20 years. Most of the images were captured with a 12 pixel pocket camera with full manual overrides; a few images from earlier during this period were taken with 35 mm film cameras. Not wanting to offend anyone in the communities in which I photograph,  the process of capturing an image in a difficult urban environments is both fast and stealthy. Correspondingly, there are no claims here as to the artistic merit of the images.

But capturing the images is important. It is important to keep alive in our consciousnesses the struggles imposed on communities through the free movement of capital; and to bear in mind that there are people who are left behind in these communities whose lives can be destroyed through the loss of property values, lost employment opportunities, and increased crime. The hope here is that these images will cause us to reflect on the destruction of lives and wealth that are the consequence of largely unregulated capital movements; and that as a result we will seek solutions which will mediate the devastation which has occurred in these communities; and that we will also seek to develop policy prescriptions which will prevent this behavior in the future.