Federal Debt

In light of  the current debate in Congress over additional fiscal support for workers and the broader economy, and the debate this has sparked over Federal debt levels, it is important to have a clear understanding of Federal debt issues. […]


INSANITY The whole crazy system needs to be reconstructed. Recently, across the nation, there have been reports that people are blowing-up the sky with fireworks in anticipation of the 4th of July holiday. It’s become a real problem in some […]

The Moral Responsibility to Speak of Peace

The Nation is entering a dangerous period. On the Left, there is growing militancy with perhaps a small armed faction; on the Right, there has been a decades long development of well armed militias which historically had been mostly anti-government, […]

The Trillion Dollar Coin: Debt Reduction

Federal Government spending during the current health crisis has alarmed many analysts and the broader public. While the U.S. as a sovereign power with its own free floating currency has unlimited capacity to spend, there are,  of course, practical limitations […]

Shh: Let’s Not Talk About That

A deeply understood, but not enough talked-about aspect of Federal borrowing, is that the Federal government need not pay interest on its debt. Current law requires the Treasury Department to auction debt in  the public market. The Federal Reserve (FED), […]

Federal Spending and Inflation

At some point during this health crisis the financial class will likely begin its campaign against further Federal fiscal expansion, at least that portion directed towards the working class. They will wrap this argument in the language that heavy federal […]

It’s Just Accounting

The Federal Reserve (FED) is funding various loan facilities for corporate and other business enterprises which are struggling in the midst of the Coronavirus. The Treasury Department will backstop these loans with $454 billion, certainly more to come, if needed, […]