This Website, originally constructed in 2003 and recently reconstructed into a blog format, is inspired by Detroit’s several decades long economic decline. As a resident of the City of Detroit for most of this period, I, along with others, watched […]

Save the Graffiti

I live in a major, pretty-much post industrial Midwestern city. A few years back the City was a massive collage of graffiti: some of it was a collection of simple tags, some of it was just flat-out amazing art. I […]

The Peace Option

I am old enough to have grown-up during the 60’s and early 70’s. For many of us who grew up during this era, the era shaped our world views: views which have remained with us to this day. During the […]

What’s Up with the Iranians?

Why do the Iranians hate us? They, afterall, took 52 Americans hostage during their 1979 revolution. Are we not the ones justified in hate towards the Iranian people? Let’s try to imagine this from the Iranian perspective. The popular press, […]